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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Lazy sunday afternoon

I have been feeling pretty lazy today and have been trying to accomplish tidbits of stuff around the house before the week starts and I will have no energy to deal with these things. List of accomplishments so far:

  • Cleaned our dining table which was buried under a pile of mail (with barely enough room for me and hubby to eat)
  • Sorted the pile of mail into "Recycle", "To shred", "To file" and "To attend to ASAP" piles :)
  • Shredded the "To shred" pile
  • Spoke to my mom and few friends that I had been meaning to for a few weeks

Still to do:

  • Drop off the recycle mail pile into the recycle container behind the building
  • Make dinner
  • Go to the gym (I have a feeling this is going to be carried over to tomorrow, but I will do my best not to - Writing it down here is a part of the strategy to make sure I don't skip this)

P.S.: Thanks for commenting JustRun. Makes me feel I'm simply not talking to myself :)


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