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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Driving peeves

What is it with these Boston drivers? Why this extreme resistance to the use of turn signals? How much effort does that take?

Sorry for the rant, but yesterday I saw the most bizarre thing on the road and I just have to share this. I was at a stop light and I see the car ahead of me in the right lane is standing at an angle. Now they are using their car's body language to say they want to get into the left lane, but not using the turn signal. Annoying that it is, it is not so uncommon, particularly here in Boston. This lady goes one step further and rolls down her window and shouts to the car next to her that she wants to get into the left lane ??? What's up with that? I saw that and was simply amazed.

Please please please - use turn signals when you want to change lanes. It's not that hard and it's safer.

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  • Using turn signals shows weakness, which others can prey upon by not letting you do what you want -- such as turning left from the right lane, changing lanes, or merging. No it's far better not to use directionals and just keep the other drivers guessing what you might do. You get respect (or at least a wide berth) by teetering along the edge of insanity.

    Be sure to drive really fast while you're at it.

    By Blogger Jeff Mather, at 7:55 AM  

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