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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Once in a while

A interesting incident from a couple of days ago:

I was standing outside my building waiting for my carpool friend to pick me up. I glanced around me and there was the usual group of people going about their usual tasks like dropping off kids etc., and then there was this lady, probably in her fifties, slowly ambling in my direction. I glanced at her and then wandered off in my own thoughts. About a minute later, I find her standing behind me and saying something. I was startled and it took me about a minute to understand what she was saying. She pointed at her face and asked me if there was any chocolate visible on it. At first, I replied without thinking and just said "No". Then I looked closely and corrected myself and told her that there was actually some in the corner of her lips. She took her index finger, wet it a little in her mouth (which both disgusted and amused me) and started rubbing where I pointed. She then asked if it was gone and I told her sheepishly that there still was some bit left. She repeated the same exercise. Finally when she confirmed after her second attempt that it was all clean, she left off saying: "I don't care that people say - you've got to treat yourself once in a while"

I'm planning to keep that in mind more often :)

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