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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Long day

I had one of the longest meetings ever today. It wasn't really long in time. It was long & heavy in content. Of course what made it longer was the fact that 5 minutes into the meeting, I dropped my Diet Coke on the floor, making a great mess. It didn't help that the room was packed with over 100 people and we had an external presenter talking 5 feet away from me. There was no way for me to run out and get paper towels. People sitting around me were kind enough to offer their napkins (in the middle of the pizza they were having) and I survived with that.

Rest 55 minutes of the meeting, I just sat through telling myself how clumsy I was. The irony of it was when I was dispensing the coke from the soda machine, I was tempted to not put the lid on the plastic glass (just to save a little plastic from corrupting the environment). Then I reconsidered and decided that knowing how clumsy I was, the lid might be good to have. Alas, it wasn't enough

Have you had days like these?


  • sadly yes, usually when I'm wearing something that shows a stain, like silk or white linen cutoffs.

    By Blogger Bre, at 9:27 PM  

  • Spilling stuff is pretty much my daily routine. for me, it would be odd if I didn't act like a clutz.
    The mortification when it's in front of people though, is something I could do without.
    Hope tomorrow's better. :-)

    By Blogger JustRun, at 9:46 PM  

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