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Sunday, March 12, 2006


ER was one of the shows I liked when I used to watch TV ( I barely do now), perhaps that has a correlation with how many times I end up in the ER. But it's not really any fun when you are there.

Yesterday morning, after I blogged, I gave a good look on my ankle and concluded that the swelling had surely reduced from last night (I couldn't bear to look at it last night). Thus, I thought, I must try to walk.... Oh, not really... the minute I put the slightest weight on my foot, it hurt real bad. Since hubby and I were out of ideas, we called the blue cross nurse hotline and she highly recommended going to the ER...and so we did.

So, the good news is - no broken bones, which was clear since the pain wasn't horrible, unless I tried to walk. The bad news - second degree sprain in ankle (ok, I had no clue there were degrees of sprained ankles). What that means is there has been some tearing of ligament, which has caused some internal bleeding (that explains the blueness of my foot) and further that means I have to give it complete rest for 3-4 days, wear an air cast for about 3 weeks, use crutches to walk and gradually start putting weight on my foot after a couple of days.

Although I am really thankful that it's nothing major, I can't help but whine that the timing of this thing absolutely sucks. Hubby dear has his Ph.D. qualifier in less than 3 weeks and the last thing I'd like for him to worry about is a sick wife, food, dirty dishes, and eventually laundary. He is being an absolute sweetheart and is not letting me worry about anything. I really really hope my foot heals soon. Sitting on the bed/couch for extended periods of time is not as much fun as it might sound, even though I am getting to read to my heart's content (I'm almost 40% through "The Time Traveler's wife" which I essentially started yesterday).

I am hoping to work from home the next couple of days, so that should take my mind off my foot and give it time to heal as well (bless my company where it is not such a big deal to do that if the circumstances require so)

That's it for now...Will keep you guys posted.
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  • So sorry about your ankle. What a bummer!

    I'm glad your back blogging again though. :-)

    By Blogger JustRun, at 11:52 AM  

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