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Monday, July 17, 2006

From Concrete jungle to Timber jungle

This weekend we were transported from the humdrum of this concrete jungle named Boston to a different kind of jungle...the real kind :) was the annual summer outing time at my company. So Friday evening (or more like Friday afternoon), the office started getting emptier by the minute, with everyone (along with their families!) heading in the general direction of fun (aka Mt. Washington). If I start writing about all we did this weekend, I would be writing all night. Instead, I will stick to some highlights and pictures:

  • Grand parties which included fabulous food, drinks, great views from our dinner table and the excellent company. On the topic of great food, I have to mention the fabulous chocolate fountains (both white and milk chocolate!) on Friday and an entire room full of delectable desserts on Saturday.

  • Some strenuous but fun hiking (I am surprised at myself that despite being horrible sore today, I am still calling it a fun hike - it really was very fun). We climbed up to about half way to the top of Mt. Washington, saw some fantastic views, had lunch and started climbing down. Some pictures from along the way and the top:

  • Did horse riding on Sunday afternoon on a trail in the woods passing by some waterfalls. The icing on the cake was the bear was a baby bear wandering on the road and the momma was nowhere to be seen. We were all nervous and excited at the same time and to our relief, he went back pretty soon into the woods and we carried on further.

All in all...a superb weekend and I can't wait till next year :)

P.S. Thanks to hubby for the title of the post...he said something about getting back to the concrete jungle from the timber jungle and I knew this was going to go on my blog ;)

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